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This is a guest blog from BU graduate Lauren Jones. Lauren shares her experience of studying BSc (Hons) Nutrition and her career path since graduating.Lauren stands smiling at the camera in a graduation cap and gown, holding her degree certificate. Bournemouth beach is in the background behind her.

Hi there to all of you, my name is Lauren. I recently graduated in 2022 from Bournemouth University with a BSc (Hons) Nutrition degree. I can’t believe the time has come for me to speak about my time at BU in past tense! My four years at university have given me memories to last a lifetime, friends to call family and a degree to guide me into the world of employment.

I was so excited to see what lay ahead when I first started at uni. From the first feelings of apprehension as I waved my parents goodbye to the heart-warming sense of achievement of doing them proud at graduation, I knew it was worth it.

I have been very fortunate with how my postgraduate life has panned out so far, I have settled in sunny Bournemouth as I couldn’t say goodbye to that beach just yet, and I have landed my dream role as a Nutrition Advisor.

I think university helped me to advance my interpersonal skills, they became one of the key stand-outs to my employer and for my current job role, alongside the knowledge attained from my degree.

There are several tables with goodie bags on them and pieces of paper and in the background there is a presentation up on a screen.I remember that I always feared public speaking and presenting to an audience, my nerves would always get the better of me. But, during my time at university, with the help and support of my lecturers and members of my cohort, I had the opportunity to practice this in a comfortable environment and learn how to develop my skills in this area. This is now something I can confidently do day in, day out as part of my job role when I am speaking to patients over zoom and in face-to-face appointments.

Time management and multi-tasking are other key skills important to my role. My role as a Nutrition Advisor is to provide education, information and advice about lifestyle, exercise, diet and nutrition. During one-to-one sessions with service users, I have to create accurate records and reports while showing a high level of care and empathy.

My advice to others looking to follow a similar career path is to just be yourself and take pride in your degree as good things are sure to come your way.

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