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Guest vlogger Ben Jones, a BSc (Hons) Marketing student, has created a video to share what his placement experience was like at IBM. He discusses some challenges he had, along with his successes and offers hints and tips on how to do well on placement.


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One Response to “My placement experience at IBM”

  1. James Adams

    Great work Ben,

    When I was studying my undergraduate degree, I never paid much mind to placements or job work. Spending most time working in a bar etc. Which delivered an experience in its own of sorts. The challenges you overcome (over stretching yourself and just saying “yes” can be an all too easy path to fall down at any stage of your career) and the experience on your CV is so important. This is the best way to differentiate yourself when your undergrad (or postgrad, should you stay on) ends.

    All the best for the future, and great work on engaging and demonstrating the benefits of taking these kind of placements.


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