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Diwali 2019 at Old Fire Station

Diwali is my favourite time of the year. Back home in India, it’s a time for family, friends, new celebratory clothes and delicious food. When I came to the UK, I thought that among the things I would miss the most would be the festivities and the sense of family. To some extent, that was true. After all, nothing can replace the warmth of home and the joys of togetherness with one’s own people.

Over the last year, however, I learnt that this sense of togetherness while is irreplaceable, is also limitless. We may miss our families and festive traditions, but one of the great things about travelling and expanding one’s horizons is in gaining new families and new traditions. Diwali 2019 was exactly that for me.

Diwali last year…..

It was a fun filled evening, which started off with dance and music from friends. Later there was a lovely Indian feast with delicious food and sweets. Finally, keeping in line with the Indian passion for dance, the night turned to a big dance party with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and more Indian music in the air. I had taken some non-Indian friends with me, to share a little bit of my culture, and we ended up having a great time, swaying our hips to some sick Indian beats.  

Diwali this year….

This year, things are different for all of us. But the spirit of Diwali is to dispel darkness with light. And as the world is uncertain and often unsafe, its up to us to keep up that spirit and exercise our best quality – our resilience.

So, in that spirit, this year, I’m planning a stay-at-home Diwali. This for me means sharing my culture with my new-found family, and showing off the cooking skills I’ve developed over the lockdown days. I’m planning a small (but big in enthusiasm) party for the people I live with, where I’ll make Indian food and share with them the story of Diwali, and the story of my people.

Togetherness is a boundless concept, one that includes everyone. And this Diwali, that’s exactly what I’ll be celebrating. Stay safe and light the Diwali lights!

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