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At BU, sustainability is one of the core values at the heart of our university, to encourage a more environmentally friendly future. Here’s a few of these ways and how you can make a change as a student.

Bring your own bags!!!

This one goes without saying! But I know how easy it is to forget, and in a house/flat full of students, this can really build up. Be sure to invest in a trusty reusable bag-for-life for just as little as 45p (Aldi have some great ones), or better still bring a few from home. One thing I find super helpful is to fold up a few in my bag, so that way I am never caught out. This helps to reduce plastic waste so much when you go shopping and also saves you the extra 5p-per-bag charge…every little helps when you’re a student!

On campus sustainability

Sustainability has become a key factor that BU aims to achieve across its estates. BU takes pride in its sustainable campuses, with buildings such as the new Poole and Bournemouth Gateway Buildings, the Fusion Building and SUBU.  For example, these are filled with water filling stations to encourage the elimination of single use plastic,  eco-friendly toilet flush systems, and sensor lighting to save energy, so you can live your student life sustainably on campus. BU is also big on recycling, with dedicated bins across campus and in halls of residence.

Taking action

Get involved with some environmental volunteering at Bournemouth Beach itself! At BU we are very lucky to have such a stunning beach so close by, so we must make sure we take care of it. Beach cleans are a great way to volunteer to help and save our oceans from plastic pollution at the same time!


This is a beach clean that I took part in on a beach in Costa Rica… but in the summer heat, Bournemouth beach isn’t far off this! Check out how you can help wherever you live, by using the search tool provided on the Marine Conservation Society’s website, and you could get involved in the annual Great British Beach Clean weekend on the 18th-21st September (within the safety guidelines of course). This helps to make sure that unwanted pollution stays out of the ocean, and one of the most common items found is plastic bags!

I hope that this has helped you to realise ways that you can be sustainable as a student at BU… and that you round up all your reusable bags ready to use to raise awareness for international plastic bag free day! (and all days after!!)


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