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My name is Amy Alexander, I am 20 years of age and I study BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing at Bournemouth University. My inspiration for starting my nursing training was due to the amazing nursing teams I worked with at my local hospital in the operating theatres.

The operating theatres gave me a massive insight into the specialist side of nursing, with myself being in the orthopaedic speciality. I still work in this department on bank during my studies. The only time I was unable to do any shifts was while I was on placement, due to already working 37.5 hours a week through placement! I have found that working during term time very useful as I have been able to have lots of discussion with newly qualified nurses, from Bournemouth University, as well as nurses who trained a few years ago and talk about what I am learning and they are able to give me more knowledge or suggest different approaches.

During this pandemic, while university studies have all become online, I have been working alongside my colleagues, mainly at weekends, to be a part of the frontline team. This has varied from working inside Covid-19 operating theatres, being a part of an on-call team of airway specialists (both day and night), as well as being ‘clean’ runners for the donned-up teams. I have learnt so much from my time back at work as a healthcare assistant, which will aid me in my future training.

I have found studying virtually somewhat challenging because I find that I need to be physically there to feel like I am motivated. Slowly over the weeks since started doing virtual seminars I have found more motivation to do it this way and I have started to really find a rhythm in how I do my work and I have become very determined to not let this pandemic effect my first-year grade. My academic advisor has kept in contact with us as much as she can and she is always letting us know

Seeing all the support that all of the NHS and key workers have been receiving has been extraordinary, the gifts we have been receiving. The way the nation has come together only inspires me to work harder.

Amy Alexander

First year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

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