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This is a guest blog by Youssef Karaki, a MSc Public Health graduate.

I have completed a master’s degree in Public Health with merit from Bournemouth University, England. The programme allowed me to develop critical thinking techniques in health research. It has also taught me how to focus on public health issues holistically from environmental health, mental health to epidemiological health. With the support of the lectures, I was able to enhance my knowledge, academic and research skills.  The university provided me with all the resources and tools needed to learn how to do critically think, critic research papers, and do research from scratch. Through the library team’s support, I leant how to use keywords for proper research and to reference using BU Harvard style. My major focus has been on the health of the geriatric population, where I tackled health inequalities related to dementia in England, which gave me significant knowledge about the existing public health system. My dissertation was a primary research about the nutritional challenges facing people living with dementia at their home in Dorset county. This enhanced my research knowledge and skills.

As for the non-academic life, I got significant support from the student union of Bournemouth university and chaplaincy, where I had the chance to live an interesting year full of activities. As a member of several clubs and societies, I enjoyed campaigning for several causes including human and animal rights, which enhanced my leadership and communication skills and gave me the opportunity to make a positive change in this world. During my academic year, I was elected as a part-time postgraduate welfare officer, where I worked on promoting diversity, equality and inclusivity at the university by engaging students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations in all events. I got three awards from the university and the student union, which are BU Global Talent, SUBU Leadership Award, SUBU Outstanding Contribution Welfare.

The knowledge, skills and experience gained during my masters at Bournemouth university made me got a job in my country as a Public health officer in a research consultancy firm specialised in research and development with a focus on public health.


Youssef Karaki,
MSc Public Health graduate