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Hi! I’m Maisie, a second year Operating Department Practice (ODP) student at BU. I have found the ODP course at BU just fantastic and I have really enjoyed all aspects of the course so far.

I just wanted to give prospective students an idea of what life is like as an ODP student as it is very different to other courses here at BU. Your time is split between university and placement. The teaching at BU gives you the foundations to enter practice with some knowledge to build upon.

I have been placed at Salisbury District Hospital for my entire training. I found this is a great way of learning the job as you go and also staying in one place means you feel part of a team as people work and support your development over your entire length of studying. As the course is split between the three areas, anaesthetics, surgical and recovery, you then go into practice in blocks when you can learn and refine your skills in each area ready for when you qualify.

I have loved my experience as a student… I will admit it is hard work and you have to be committed as you are working full time hours whilst at placement and have studying to do also, but it’s definitely worth it! The support from the lectures has been great as they really are there for you. The support from placement also has been fantastic for me and I have had some incredible mentors who have helped me develop into the practitioner I wish to be.

 I have been fortunate to if have great learning opportunities such as working is wider departments such at ITU (intensive treatment unit), ED (emergency department) and obstetrics (care during pregnancy and childbirth), whilst also the chance to hold the crash bleep with my mentors and support others in the hospital who require airway assistance or CRP.

The way the course is structured and time on placement has prepared me the best it can for my first job as a newly qualified ODP and I can’t wait to enter the profession I have dreamed so long to be a part of! To anyone who is thinking of coming to BU and training as an ODP I would say just do it, I’m so pleased I chose to come here and study.

Maisie Lawrence, ODP Student



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