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from Malaysia


MA Directing Film and Television

Hi everyone, my name is Ram from Malaysia, and I am currently studying MA Directing Film and Television. Today I would like to share a little about my experience working as a Student Ambassador, especially during the University’s Open Days.

Student Ambassador Role

If you are selected as an International Student Ambassador, the job comes with various aspects, and these depend on your individual skillset and what you can contribute to the team. There are a huge variety of jobs to do as a student ambassador and I’m sure every individual would be able to contribute to the university as an ambassador in one way or another.

One of the key experiences of being a student ambassador is to work during the University’s Open Days. They happen several times a year, usually with a specific focus on either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Being a Student Ambassador on duty for the Open Days can be a lot of fun and fulfilling at the same time, as it enables you to interact with prospective new students and make them feel welcome in the same way you would like to be welcomed to the University.

Being the face of BU

Working during Open Days means you essentially become one of the faces of BU, representing the University on the day. The duties for the day range from providing campus tours, to helping out with visitors parking, or simply greeting students, parents, and offering them a cup of tea and some snacks. During Open Days, all of the Student Ambassadors will be wearing an unmistakable and distinct pink hoodie, which sets them apart from the other students.

While giving tours or providing guidance to the visitors, you end up learning new things about the university as well, as I found out when I was helping visitors to read the campus maps accurately.

More often than not, prospective students and parents wish to hear not just from course leaders and lecturers, but also from students who are doing or have done the courses that they are considering. Prospective students are able to hear about the courses from a peer’s perspective before making their choices. This is where Student Ambassadors on duty come in: we are able to provide unvarnished insight into the life of a student at Bournemouth University and the structure and design of our respective courses.

Talking to these visitors is a key component in helping them make a decision as to whether they want to choose BU as their higher education institution. As a Student Ambassador, just by being yourself and feeling like you are part of representing the university, you could help some people make up their minds and choose BU!