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This is a guest blog by current student Shaun, studying BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences.

Do you want to do that little bit extra and get paid to do it at the same time? Well one option is to become a student ambassador. Yes, that’s right the ones in the bright pink hoodies. I have been one since my first year, which has been nearly 4 years!!! I, like the majority of students in my first year decided I needed a job to survive and have a good time. So I applied to the student ambassador scheme and never looked back.

After successfully getting the job we had our first training session, learning the basics of tours and Open Days (this becomes the bread and butter for a student ambassador).  I have worked more in depth with certain projects and sometimes briefly with others. You get to choose according to your workload/essays/assignments.  The opportunities that I have had from the student ambassador team has been vast! I have had the opportunity to travel the country for UCAS conventions (which is where you talk to younger students considering their future options) and even been sent to Bestival to work in collaboration with Bestival’s young person’s team! Forpeople who have a driving licence there is an opportunity to drive a hire or the pool car too.

No matter what role you end up doing, the satisfaction of helping and engaging younger pupils is immense. Yes, there can be some early starts, but it is flexible and the workshops run are incredibly fun. If, like me, you have been an ambassador for multiple years then you may have a chance to see students that have been impacted by your influence. Such a rewarding moment.

Not only is there work throughout the year but there is also the opportunity for a summer job lasting through till July with programs such as Summer Breaks. Luckily for me I have managed to participate in this programme each year! It is great fun and a good way to make new connections. Also most of the programmes that run throughout the year finish with the end of primary and secondary school terms. So after exams there is always work going on.

Overall, I believe this to be one of the best jobs a student could have, it is flexible, pays well and very rewarding. You meet amazing people and make wonderful memories. I truly believe this as I have had numerous jobs throughout my time at university and the only one I have stuck with is the student ambassador scheme. If your coming to BU in the future get involved! And if you are here at BU now, get involved! You can find out more on the student opportunities section of the website.

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