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Kamila Bianchi (Brazil)

I am Kamila Bianchi, from Brazil! I am studying a Masters in 3D Computer Animation at BU. After one year of studying at BU, I can finally write down my TOP 5 favourite things at BU. Here goes my list:

iBU (app): as soon as you receive your student ID you can login into the app and have access to your timetable classes, maps of the campus, news about Uni and most importantly the bus timetable.

StudentShop: this shop is located at Talbot Campus and has everything that you might need during your studies. It is helpful to know that you can go there at anytime during the day and get everything from paper stuff to food, drinks, chocolate and ice creams!

MA3D lab: I have mentioned this lab before in a vlog. The MA3D lab is where I spent 90% of my time whilst at Bournemouth, and it is great as a student being able to have your own desk / computer, etc.

Friday talks with people from industry: During the second semester almost every Friday we had a speaker from the film/animation industry.  During these talks they showed us their work, gave us some tips about getting a job and sometimes even stayed late with us for a pint at Dylan’s.

SUBU building: having a space just for students is a huge privilege. In this building we have comfortable sofas, nice desks for meetings, and even a cafe.

Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA in 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18.