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Name:              Ellie Skipper

Course:           Communications and Media


I vividly remember seeing this placement advertised last summer and instantly knew it was the job role I wanted, so I didn’t hesitate to apply. I’ve been working as the Corporate Communications Coordinator within the PR and Communications Team at Bournemouth University since September and basically, I don’t want to leave.

I’m down to my last few weeks now, and I can’t believe it. I was asked to extend and stay on a bit longer, which is a lovely feeling and means I get to continue doing something I’m really enjoying.

‘Modelling’ for some grad content

As a BU student, when I first started the job I was looking forward to seeing the university from a different perspective, sort of from the inside. I’ve seen people working hard behind-the-scenes and on the front-line, and it’s made me prouder to be part of BU.

Working within the press team means I’ve had a really varied task-load and have been able to dip in to different aspects of working in communications. From managing social media channels, leading campaigns to filming and editing videos, I’ve done a huge range of things that I couldn’t list everything.

One of the highlights for me has to be graduation – we were set up in a room at the BIC for the week, dividing tasks between us (whilst eyeing up the table full of snacks…) like writing up stories, interviewing honorary doctorates and capturing multimedia content. Long days, running around and a lot of strong coffee made for a week I won’t forget!

Every day can be different and there have been weeks where I’m out of the office more than I am in it – covering different events, assisting ITV or BBC crews (shameless name drop) or out getting some shots for our Instagram page amongst loads of other stuff. I’ve enjoyed having responsibilities, learning new things and developing my own skills.

The most enjoyable aspect of my placement would undoubtedly be the people I’m working with. I rarely go a day without laughing and they’ve all been so welcoming and supportive. I’ve learnt heaps from a really talented team, and also had the freedom to bring my own ideas and creative streak to the table. I don’t always find it easy to step out of my comfort zone, but having such an approachable team has put me at ease.

Christmas party with the team

I’ve felt like part of the team since day one and being recognised and thanked for my work has given me a new and improved confidence. I’ve met and worked with some wonderful people and have gained great insight across PR, marketing and communications that I will take into final year and my future career.

Seeing what real-life work is like in this industry has been a great opportunity and gets me motivated and excited for what I could be doing and where I could end up after I’ve graduated.

I would come back to work at BU in an instant and I feel ready to take on my last year at university – BU is an amazing place to both work and study so if you have the chance to do either, do it!

Your placement doesn’t just have to be at a London-based, glitzy company for you to have an invaluable experience as well as great fun. It’s daunting starting a new job wherever you are, but remember they chose you for a reason so get stuck in, show enthusiasm and make your mark.

I’d deeply encourage anyone who can, to do a year in industry. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and has helped me in so many ways – here’s to the future!

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