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Giorgos Kapsanakis

Hello! My name is Giorgos Kapsanakis. I am from Greece and I am doing my postgraduate study in Directing Film and Television at Bournemouth University. As an international student, one of my major concerns is how I will be able to introduce myself to the film industry once I finish my programme. I am glad to know that BU offers students all the support needed for job searching and understanding which career path to take.

Guidance with a personal touch

My course lasts only one year, and placement is not compulsory. However, I would like to find a job in the UK when my masters is done. To succeed with job hunting, I made an individual appointment with a career adviser at BU. She not only helped me understand how to efficiently search for jobs directed toward my focus, but also explained how to write a CV and cover letter in an attractive manner. By making a list of the companies I am interested in, what they can offer me, and what I can offer them in return, I was better organized to evaluate my prospects.

Strengthening your skills

The Careers and Services team also provides workshops for students. I had the pleasure of participating in a Photoshop workshop – an image editing program. As a filmmaker, experience with Photoshop can be very handy. They offer other workshops, such as learning how to use Microsoft Excel. By logging into the MyCareer Hub, you can find information about all the workshops and events that they offer and be a part of the ones that interest you.

Trying to enter any industry can be very challenging. However, the Career Services team helped me understand that I am not alone in this quest. They are committed to supporting the students in every way possible. When facing the pressure of a postgraduate course, having a team that is capable of guiding and advising you is priceless.

By Giorgos Kapsanakis, Greece, MA Directing Film and TV, 2017/18