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Screenwriting for Film & Television

It’s hard knowing what you want to do as a job, I think we can all agree on that. From the day you’re sat there in school and they say, what do you wanna do at college? Then you somehow muster up some choices to do at college and then they’re banging on about what you’re going to do at uni! It’s such a stress!

In all truth, as much as I faced this stress myself, I think it was clear that I always knew what I wanted to do. From the day I stood up on stage and thought I wanted to be a musical actress and would watch movies all day every day, it was obvious I’d end up in the creative industry. Little did I know that all those silly stories I was concocting in my notebooks was my dream all along…

When applying for university I threw all these things together and listened to all my media friends and decided I wanted to go to Bournemouth University. The best course that encompassed these things was Screenwriting for Film & Television which is ultimately now the course that I am on!

Now, I don’t believe that just because you choose one degree that’s what you must do as a career. In my first year of university at halls I submitted my poetry to an author on a whim in the hope that they would publish me… They did! My first book contribution. After that I knew that writing was something I of course wanted to do, but no longer as a screenwriter, but as an author!Don’t fret about planning your future, sometimes, your future plans itself!







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