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BA (Hons) English

Narrowing your University search down can be quite challenging, with thousands of different courses all over the country knowing where to start can seem quite daunting. University prospectuses can tell you most of the information you will want to know about the university itself but with a minimum three-year commitment you need to make sure you pick the right one for you. Open days are the perfect opportunity to visit some of the universities that you are interested in and here’s why!

If you are considering moving away from home for university than visiting an open day will give you an idea on the distance and travel time you will be committing too! Bournemouth is a great location to consider being just an hour and a half away from central London and thirty minutes from Southampton which have travel connections across the country. As well as this, national express coaches run all day every day to lots of nearby cities and towns.


Open days also give you the opportunity to speak to students that are currently studying at the university and faced the same decisions that have been in your shoes! They are there to answer your questions and give you honest opinions on the courses, accommodation or anything else that you may want to know. From personal experience, I found this most beneficial as I could ask the students that studied course about the work load, contact hours and what they enjoy the most about being at Bournemouth.

Some of you make be looking at universities in cities you have never visited before, whilst you attend the open day I would advise you to take a trip into the town centre, this way you can get a glimpse of the area you will be living in! The location may consolidate your decision to move or even change your mind completely! If unfortunately, this is the case, then it is better to realise this in before you put the university as one of your five choices.


So, don’t hesitate book in to for the next available Open Day now!

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