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If Bournemouth University is your first choice you have already taken the first major step of giving your career a new direction. But, with that decision also comes an important issue: money and funding. Without further ado, I will go ahead and say that studying at University can be expensive for some of you, especially those coming from outside the UK. But worry not, the University has got you all covered so that money does not become a hindrance in attracting the best and brightest of the world. I myself have been awarded the BU Academic Excellence Scholarship, which is open to all international students who have achieved excellent academic results before coming to University. The application process itself is not something you have to worry about either because there are no applications to complete for this particular scholarship (or most of the others). You will be automatically assessed by the University and sent an email confirming that you have been awarded a scholarship. That takes a lot of your mind doesn’t it?

Aside from this, there are a range of scholarships available to students coming from Indonesia, Vietnam and China which again do not need to be applied for seperately. For students who have performed well in extra curricular activities like Music and Sports, worry not as BU has got you people covered too but you have to apply seperately by 31st August for the September term and 30th November for the January term.

So, as you can see, a wide variety of options are available to make Higher Education that much more accessible to students striving to pursue their goals. Whatever you choose to do you’ll be able to get help to achieve your dreams and money doesn’t need to be a hindering factor in that. Until next time, good luck.

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