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Hi! My name is JC and I’m doing an MSc in Maritime Archaeology at BU. I’m currently living in Corfe House, student accommodation based in Poole. Corfe house is run by Unite-student.

Location! Location! Location!

Corfe house is located right beside Aldi supermarket. From my window, I can see the coach station, which makes travelling easier. This is also where the University buses pick you up and drop you off. Right beside this is the bus station and Dolphin Shopping centre, where all buses that come to Poole stop.

corfe-house corfe-house-bedroom

Who lives here?:

Both Undergrads and Postgrads live here. The top three floors house the Masters and PhD students, while the lower floors are where the Undergraduates can be found. All flats here include a communal area and kitchen, as well as your own room, with a bed, a study area, a bathroom and shower. The noise level is fairly low, which as a Masters student is essential so that you can focus on the course load.

The Good and the Bad:

The bad news is that yes, things will break, like appliances, or your mattress will be old and uncomfortable; but this can be happen anywhere. The good news is that Corfe House has an app where you fill out a quick, simple form and receive a same day response. By the next day someone will come and take a look.

How to choose:

My tips to you when it comes to picking a place, is to figure out what is important to you. Do you want your own place? Do you want 24hrs security? Your own bathroom? The important thing is to pick a place you can call home.


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