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BA (Hons) Events Management

University is not just all about studying and spending all your time in the library. It also about having fun, meeting new people, spending time with your friends and trying new things.


Some people think that the only way of socialising at uni is going out clubbing. However, I completely disagree with that. There is so much more you can do whilst at university.

Together with my housemates, we always try to think of something new to do. This year I came up with an idea of doing something like Come Dine with Me in our house. The girls I live with loved the idea. Each one of us had to come up with our menus and we had to try to make them all different. We all had to think of three course dinners – it was a bit of a challenge trying to find something that everyone likes. Also we don’t have a three course meal everyday which was exciting. YES, we get excited about food – who doesn’t.

To make it even more exciting, we all came up with different themes. The themes each of us picked were: Disney, India, Kids Menu and A Healthy Twist.


We all tried to be really creative with our nights and I can now say it worked for every single one of us.

To add a twist to my night I named all dishes after songs so the girls had no idea what was coming and as a part of my entertainment factors was that I created a playlist, which included the songs I used to name my food. One of the girls who was leading the Disney theme created a quiz for all of us to take part in and I am proud to say I won the quiz!! Another one of my housemates who used the Indian theme gave us Indian themed colouring to do which kept us occupied as the host was preparing her dessert. On the night of the Kids Menu we all got a worksheet including a crossword as our activity.

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Before we started we thought it would be really fun and it was, however we didn’t realise how stressful it was for the person cooking on the day. We all wanted to do our best and didn’t want to give each other food poisoning.


At the end of each night we would give each other a score. We kept everything a secret and the points where kept in a little teapot until the final night. After the last night we all sat together to look at the points. The girl who hosted the Indian night won and, to be honest I am not surprised she won! She made the best curry I have ever had.



The prize we all agreed on was a free meal out for the winner and the winner needs to choose the restaurant.

Even though cooking might not be an idea of fun for some of you, there is so much you can do at uni. Just be creative, come up with new ideas and share them with your friends.

By Agata Bak

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