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JamieI am Jaime Gorman from Colorado and I have just started MLit (Hons) English here at BU. My arrival in the UK was more wonderful that I could have imagined and I would like to share my first day across the pond.

Sunny blue vs misty green

I landed in the UK on a misty Friday morning, leaving behind the dazzling rays of the Colorado sun and the picturesque sky of Denver blue. I drove from Heathrow airport towards Bournemouth, dividing my attention between the unfamiliar left-side driving and the exquisite and lush green scenery along the road.

Hidden treasures

At some point along the blankets of green, I took the first available exit looking for something to eat. Instead of the Starbucks I sought, I found a dirt road that seemed to wind and twist into a small forest. Through droplets of rain, immersed in a backdrop of a woodland portrait, stood three horses. Resting and still. Colorado has many horses, most often kept in ranches and cabins. On our motorways we find exits to petrol stations or tourist traps, but here they lead to a hidden world aside it. I had been transported from the rocky landscape of the Rocky Mountains into a mystic movie scene. A perfect place to explore on foot, and so I did.

Hot and cold

Colorado weather is similar to Bournemouth, with frequent intervals of rain and sun. Already used to dressing in layers, I expected to be a pro here. I couldn’t be more mistaken! The lack of humidity in Denver and Colorado’s higher elevation allows our warmth to soak in. Here, however, the warmth of walking integrates with the sharp nip of a drizzly cold morning, rather than masking it. In Bournemouth, you will definitely need walkable-layers, for me that is a good coat over a short-sleeve shirt.

Snowy mountains vs seaside waves

Our journey continued through patches of gray clouds and occasional rain to my first intentional destination – the beach I had long yearned to see. It was breathtaking! Waves rolled in synchronous beats as the sun finally emerged in crowning splendor. I happily traded the snow-capped mountains of Denver for the serene depths of the English Channel.

If Colorado is picture-postcard, then Bournemouth is Art.

By Jamie Gorman
MLit (Hons) English