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“I know that I will face many challenges this next year… I am more than willing to put in the effort to overcome these challenges, and I am looking forward to arriving in Bournemouth!”

Five years ago I found out that Forensic Anthropology was actually a field of study and ever since, I have been interested in pursuing it as a Master’s degree. Bones are incredibly fascinating to me, and I can study them for hours at a time. Unfortunately, the college I went to for my undergraduate degree was too small to have any classes in Forensic Anthropology or even Osteology; the closest it came to either subject was the human anatomy class, which included a section on bones.

When I started looking at graduate schools and Master’s programs, I had very little idea of what I was doing and no one to ask for advice. At that time I had no experience in Forensic Anthropology, I thought that I didn’t have a competitive advantage compared to the many other students who would be applying for the same programs. Although I completed an Osteology course, I was concerned my lack of experience would prevent me from getting into the program I wanted.

I applied to three programs at Bournemouth representing all of my dreams of studying bones, hoping that one would accept my application. All of the work I put into my submissions paid off, as I was lucky enough to be accepted to all three programs. I was ecstatic. The MA Forensic Anthropology programme at Bournemouth was my top choice. Waiting for my CAS statement and scholarship results were almost a relief after the nervous anticipation I had felt before receiving my unconditional offer.

I know that I will face many challenges throughout this next year, due to both my course of study and moving to the United Kingdom however, I am more than willing to put in the effort to face these challenges, and am looking forward to arriving in Bournemouth!


By Alyssa Stickley – United States – MSc Forensic Anthropology