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“Don’t be afraid of having big dreams, because sometimes they do become true…”

Eli PetkovaSometimes it takes longer than you expect to find exactly what you want to do with your life and what your path is. It took me five years to realise what Master’s degree I wanted to do. I already had a very strong degree and a really exciting work experience in the film industry when I decided to go abroad and search for a better future.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture and I wanted to study Computer Animation. I thought I needed to start from the beginning, and I was very pleased when the BU International Admissions Team advised me to apply for MA 3D Computer Animation straightaway. I am very thankful to them, as they saved me from a few additional years of studying.

As people say, “every beginning is difficult ….” I had been working for two years in a warehouse when I applied for my postgraduate degree at BU. The application process was really simple, fast and easy. A few weeks later I was in. The unconditional offer I received gave me hope, belief and strength. It woke me up from the nightmare I was in.

I accepted the offer in January and I had nine long working months to make some savings and to organise my big move. I feel so relieved that I found my path and I am very excited about my future. For those who still have some concerns, I would say, “don’t be afraid of having big dreams, because sometimes they do become true…”

by Eli Petkova| Bulgaria | MA 3D Computer Animation