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Hau Nguyen

If it isn’t now, then when?

It is never too late to become who you want to be, but sometimes it is not easy to make a decision to change! But I wondered… “If it isn’t now, then when”? I decided to quit my job and started reflecting about what I really wanted to do and be by the time I am 30. My ambition is to be an inspiring sports manager and I want to run a Sport Orientation Program for young students in South East countries. That is the reason why I choose to study MSc Sport Management at BU.

At the beginning, it wasn’t easy at all! I didn’t prepare well enough and had little time to ask for advice. But there was a strong will in my mind and I realised I could do it and cope with all the difficulties.

Finally, I got an offer and a scholarship! That was one of the most wonderful days of my life, and I knew then that I was landing a foot on the ladder of success.

I am currently preparing myself for my new journey at BU from next month. I know that I will have to cope with the cultural differences, but this is expected and all I can do now is be well prepared and open-minded.

By Hau Nguyen – Vietnam – MSc Sport Management