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Sarah at beachSarah Stacey

My greatest achievement this year was having one of my pieces broadcast on BBC Radio 4. They sent us a brief for a new pilot programme which would feature outside submissions, and I was lucky enough to have mine chosen. It was my first ever bit of paid radio work, which was really exciting, and it’s boosted my confidence and shown me the opportunities that are available to me.


Sarah radio

BikeLauren Bishop

When I was asked to write about my biggest achievement this year so far, I was initially compelled to cite my latest assignment grade, which I was extremely proud of.  Then I thought of a TED talk I saw recently that talked about the benefits of focussing more on process rather than results.  This resonated with me, so with this in mind, I actually see my greatest achievement as working hard to produce the best piece of work I possibly could, alongside fulfilling all my other commitments and taking care of myself.  This was the bit I was in control of; the grade itself I had no power over.  I’m looking forward to putting this mind-set into practice throughout the rest of the year (and indeed years to come) and being the best possible version of myself I can be each day; nothing more and nothing less!


Anh NguAnh Ngu

My greatest achievement during the past year is not any specific award or certificate gained, it’s the entire process of me becoming a better person in both personality and professionalism. I have managed to maintain a high merit grade while working on two part-time jobs alongside participating in many extra-curricular activities; I’m actually consolidating my portfolio and finishing my reflective essay for the Postgraduate Development Award. One of the part-time jobs is being a student ambassador, especially a blogger for the Postgraduate Blog – one of the things I’m most proud of. I feel that I have lived my student life to the full – that’s my best achievement for all these university years.

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Olivia BeazleyOlivia Beazley

My greatest achievement this year was securing a work placement with Radio 4 for four weeks in April. I’ve applied for positions like this frequently over the past few years but only been successful this year. I’m certain that being at Bournemouth and demonstrating my interest in radio by doing an MA played strongly in my favour.