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It’s hard to sum up my BU experience in one blog post. There have been ups and downs, achievements, challenges, lessons learnt, and unforgettable moments. On balance it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, and it’s not quite over yet!

Olivia's BU experience

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is taking on a completely new discipline. I had never studied media before and there are still moments I feel rather out of my depth. Taking on something you have no background in is a challenge, especially if you’re working with unfamiliar technologies. My studies have really pushed me out of my comfort zone – but isn’t that the whole point?  Most importantly, when I’ve found things challenging I know I can ask for help. I know I am allowed to make mistakes here so I’m not afraid to try something I’m not already good at. Yes, BU has challenged me, but it’s also given me the tools I need to rise to that challenge. I have been pushed to learn to do things I would not have considered myself capable of before coming here. I’ve recorded interviews on location, met the head of BBC music, been trusted with eye wateringly expensive equipment, and explored corners of the world of radio I didn’t even know existed. My experiences and the skills I developed helped me secure a work placement, and I now feel ready to try and find my own way in this industry.

Olivia radio studio

Of course, it’s not all about the academics. What I will most fondly remember when I look back at my time at BU are the people I’ve met here. I’ve never before been in an environment with so many different people from different countries. I’ve been challenged to look at the world from others’ perspectives, and learnt so much about other cultures. As well as opening my eyes to new things, being a member of the very international student body means I’ve made some wonderful friends. From trying what feels like every cuisine under the sun, to long walks along the beach, to coming home to find a hallway full (full) of balloons, life with my BU friends is never boring. Living in close proximity with other postgraduates means we have formed lifelong bonds which will still be going strong long after the mortar boards have been thrown.

I can’t speak for everyone of course, but most people I talk to seem to agree that their BU experience has left them feeling more prepared to job hunt, and with a wider social circle. What more could you ask for from a university experience?  I didn’t really know what to expect when I came here, but I can look back saying I had a challenging, enlightening, and hugely enjoyable experience here at BU.

By Olivia Beazley

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