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The music opportunities at BU are vast. There are chances to be part of operas, musicals and many concerts throughout the year. The application process is not too strenuous, as you need to write about yourself and the music experiences you’ve had in the past. Having a lot of experience as well as music grades really helps in the application process, and you need to show a keen passion for music.

My scholarship for the past two years has helped me in affording singing lessons, as half the scholarship goes towards them. The teachers are excellent, with a lot of experience under their belts in different sectors of music so they are flexible with what you personally are interested in. Opportunities to perform in concerts with a variety of musical genres are available, as well as societies and the chance to start your own music groups, such as acapella groups or bands. There are two choirs, the BU Contemporary Choir and the BU Chamber Choir, as well as Big Band and BU Orchestra. I have performed in Winchester Cathedral and the atmospheric Guildhall in Poole playing a part in the opera Dido and Aeneas. These two recitals were sold out and very well received as are many of the concerts BU music puts on. I would thoroughly suggest applying for a BU Music Scholarship as it is a recognised reward for your passion and talent for music.Phoebe-Bagge

Me in Dido and Aeneas

By Phoebe Bagge

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