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When friends or family ask me about my university experience, I always smile and feel proud to say I went to Bournemouth University. They were four of the best years of my life and allowed me to experience new adventures and make some long lasting friends. The academic experience, the social life and the beach were just a few of many things that made my time in Bournemouth one to remember.


With my friends at uni – do not try this at home! (Although of course a full risk assessment was carried out)

I studied Business with Operations and Project Management, which was fantastic in allowing me to gain a holistic view of the necessary skills and knowledge required for the real business world. The course and units were well structured, effectively communicated, and provided numerous opportunities to work with fellow members of my cohort on different projects, which ensured every day was different. The lecturers were always passionate about their subject areas and made a real effort to ensure the content and delivery of their sessions was engaging, which meant I was always excited to go to campus.

My placement year was something that shaped my development and made me fully prepared for both final year and the working environment after university. I Volkswagen-blog-2worked at Renault UK based in Rickmansworth, which was a fantastic opportunity to put all the skills and knowledge from my first and second year into practice. While the process of applying for placements was difficult and time-consuming, the support from the careers team in the Business School was first class, in particular the continuous help and advice from Deborah Taylor. If she was bored of me constantly emailing and visiting her, she didn’t show it!

While final year was stressful and involved me having very little sleep at times, it was the best year of my three academic years at university. In particular, the opportunity to carry out my final year project with two of my course friends was great and really brought the university experience to a positive end. I was also fortunate enough to secure my graduate role while carrying out my final year studies!

Volkswagen-blog-3I now work at Volkswagen Group based in Milton Keynes, on their two year rotational graduate scheme. This involves three placements, the first as a Digital and CRM Executive for Volkswagen passenger cars. I am lucky enough to have two screens, with one of them displaying a photo of Bournemouth beach! Having now taken the step onto the “corporate ladder,” it has made me realise the importance of cherishing every moment and opportunity at university. While at times you may want the work to be over, take a step back and ensure you seize all the opportunities available, as it goes like a flash.

And on that note… I better get back to doing some work!

By Daniel Abberley

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