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Receiving a BU Sport Scholarship is about more than just money. We asked some of our students what it means to them to have a Sport Scholarship, and here’s what they said:


Chloe Thomas – table tennis

My name is Chloe and I am a first year student at Bournemouth Uni, studying Nutrition. I am a Welsh International Table Tennis player. I have been fortunate enough to have received the Sports Scholarships from SportBU. This has not only provided me with funding towards my tournaments and travel, which is very important due to the costs of competing at a high level, but also the whole programme and support from the staff at SportBU.  As part of the scholarship programme I have access to Strength and Conditioning with my varsity team and other scholars from different sports, which allows me to work with the coaches, to build up general fitness and to prepare for tournaments. As a scholar I also have access to the gym and chiropractor, which is what every top athlete needs. I couldn’t be more grateful to receive this scholarship, and not only for the financial benefits it provides but also the fantastic support provided by the staff themselves. I am proud to represent SportBU!

Chloe Thomas


Kieran Joseph – football

Firstly, to be a sporting scholar at BU is a pleasure and has been since I joined the university in September 2014.

Being a sporting scholar has helped me in many different ways. For instance, being able to fund my sporting equipment such as gym shoes, tracksuits, kit and football boots, as well as funding support services. Playing football 5 or 6 days a week with a potential three matches is physically tough, however I can use the funding to pay for sport massages or support, which has helped me to enhance my sporting aptitudes and to take me to the next level. This season, I have been able to sign for a new team a level higher than I was playing before (EVO-STIK Premier League).

Within my first year of being a sport scholar at BU, I was pushed by the back room staff within my Strength and Conditioning sessions. They helped get the best out of me physically, which resulted in me playing and training at my optimum level. Having never done weights prior to arriving, I found it tough. Nevertheless, weights helped me become physically and mentally stronger on and off the field, which also helped with my academic studies.

Being a sport scholar for a second year has improved me as an individual – both in my sport and academically in terms of my time management skills and planning.

Kieran Joseph


Edward Weeden – trampolining

To have received a sporting scholarship from BU means a lot to me. The confidence and reassurance it gives me to really push myself and continue improving is massive. Bournemouth University is not only giving me financial help with training, but also help with the organisation and balance of training and study. This scholarship means a lot to me, as being able to have professional advice on the balance of training, rest, studying and even what I should be eating is hugely helpful. The ability to plan out my year with the help of someone else who can monitor how busy I am at times is brilliant as well, as it really helps me be prepared for competitions and my exams. Having a sporting scholarship at BU means a huge amount, it shows that my choice of university is helping me on a personal level, it gives me confidence in myself and my university and the ability to perform both academically and physically to my full potential.

Edward Weeden

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