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Angeline-HolmesMy name is Angelique and I am a citizen of the United States of America. I chose Bournemouth University because I used the books that were written by the lecturers there to obtain my Bachelor’s in the States. Bournemouth also showed more interest in me than any other school that I applied to in the UK. Instead of accepting me blindly they asked for references, surveys and recommendations. I felt that BU was more interested in the type of student I would be and what I would bring to the university. Whereas, with the other universities I thought they were just accepting me for my money.

I was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship and it was a tremendous help. Instead of feeling stressed about paying my fees and my rent I was able to truly take advantage of everything BU had to offer in my spare time. I was able to meet new people from all over the world and experience the different cultures. I developed relationships with classmates and lecturers. I was also able to spend more time relaxing in my, bigger than expected, studio flat.

The British culture is something that I miss sometimes, although I’m happy that I don’t have to queue for everything! If you’re thinking about applying to BU, DO IT! It can’t hurt to see what happens and you definitely won’t regret it. In 12 months BU has completely changed my life: the atmosphere, the lectures, the students and the opportunities have strengthened me and have made me a better version of myself. I second guessed myself a lot when applying and making my arrangements, but just trust that you and the university have taken care of everything. Just go for it and don’t look back.

Angelique Holmes – MSc Tourism Management

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