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Obviously university is not all about studying, developing your soft skills and your personality is also important. Here at BU there are lots of opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities and be part of a community with people sharing the same interest. BU has about 100 clubs and societies which all are supported by SUBU – the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University.

SUBU operates independently from the uni and it stands up for students’ rights and welfare. Its vision is to have a positive impact on every student’s journey and optimize their time at BU. SUBU has a great student representative scheme from which the student voice can be heard and when there is a wish for the school to be a better place to study, SUBU makes it happen. They also have many volunteering activities, a charity organization (Raising and Giving) and a radio channel – Nerve Media.

Whatever you are interested in, SUBU will most likely have something that suits you, or they will create it for you.

I have been a dancer all my life, but when I was an undergraduate, my university did not have a dance community or class I could join and I thought that was the end of my dancing. Then, at BU I found the Dance Society. I can’t describe how excited I was and they even teach many things: hip hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, tap and lyrical. I find myself so happy in the hip hop and contemporary classes. The joining fee is rather high, last term it was £55, however considering the costs for studio renting, lecturer hiring, costumes and competitions I think that is very reasonable.


I am also registered in the Marketing society and Advertising society of BU. The fee varies from £3 – £5 but believe me, you’ll get way more than you spend. They have networking events and conferences with knowledge and experience from experts. They give information about job opportunities or any other chance to enhance your employability.

I enjoy the three societies so much, but the best thing about them is to have fun while making more friends. I can promise it’s totally worth your time. You can find out more about SUBU on their website. Have a try, explore and enjoy!

By Anh Ngu

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