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Bournemouth University’s National Centre for Computer Animation has received press recognition helping to design an amazing piece of new technology.

Dr Leigh McLoughlin and Professor Alexander Pasko featured in the Telegraph for helping to bring the SHIVA (Sculpture for Health-care: Interaction and Visual Art in 3D) Project to life.

This new equipment allows disabled students to design complex objects using only their eyes before being printed in 3D.

Eye-tracking hardware allows people to select menu options by focussing their eyes on it, enabling students with disabilities to use the device. Already in use at the Victoria Education Centre in Dorset, the technology was designed by the two BU academics along with the Centre’s Mark Moseley.

BU’s Professor Pasko said that the children “have great imaginations” and that the device helps to “give children the tools for creativity.

“A piece of software which can help someone create something independently, or make them proud of what they have created is going to build self-esteem”, Pasko added.

Around fifteen pupils have used the software to date, with the creators hoping for further funding.

The article is available on the Telegraph’s website

This article was originally posted on BU News