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Cranborne arrivals
It can all be very daunting when moving to a new town or city, especially when you are away from everything and everyone you know. I for one was an example of this, as in order to undertake my scriptwriting course I was to move away from London to Bournemouth.

Of course moving away from home was exciting for me, as it meant I had a newfound independence, an opportunity to do things alone and a chance to live somewhere new.

Though one thought constantly crossed my mind, and that was the possibility that I wouldn’t make any new friends. With support from my family members such thoughts were temporarily ushered from my mind, however during the two hour drive the thoughts soon came crawling back and this time with a vengeance.

I was worrying about my flatmates, my classmates and wondering if I was ever going to gain connections with these people. It was much easier to sit in my room and contemplate never leaving, except for when I had to for the bare necessities of food and water. That then lead to me venturing out into our flat’s kitchen area.

I was then met with the sight of two of my flatmates, and after getting to know them, realised that they were lovely people with great senses of humour. It was then that a new friendship was born and flat 25 became a mismatched family.

It was very easy to meet new people and gain new connections, because the university holds a large number of ‘getting to know you’ activities, both inside and outside of your chosen course. There are opportunities to meet your housemates at the welcome barbecue, meet older students studying the same course through peer assisted learning and then meet your classmates. At the Freshers’ Fair you are able to meet those with similar interests to your own.

Overall the university offered a friendly environment which allowed me to feel at home away from home, which was something I feared I wouldn’t be able to experience, and now I’m fully convinced that I made the right decision with Bournemouth.

By Shenade Lowe

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