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The askBU team have been busy answering questions from our prospective students. There have been lots of questions from those of you wanting to join us (or already are) this September, so here are some answers…

I am thinking of maybe working for a year, please could I save my offer and start with you next September 2016?

BU consider deferrals from students, please email your request to the Programme Administrator for your course. Contact details can be found on your offer letter.  Alternatively please email us.

I would like to transfer my nursing studies to BU, is too late to apply?

BU welcome transfers from other universities. Saying that, the recruitment cycle has now closed for this year.  Applications can be submitted through from the middle of September until the end of April for 2016 entry, should you wish to be considered.

I’m starting BU this September! When does the academic term start?

Congratulations! That’s great news! Week one egins on 21 September 2015, with a wide range of events to helps students transition in to university life.

There will be a mix of academic and non-academic content during this time, details are available online, in addition to some more formal activities, such as enrolment and a main induction session. You will receive all of these details, in addition to all of the events that will be taking place when you receive your Welcome Pack, by the end of August.

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