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Meet our new vlogger Fleur, who’s got the inside scoop about BU accommodation…



4 Responses to “Fleur’s story: BU accommodation breakdown (vlog)”

  1. Georgia

    Can you have friends family stay any day they want in halls ?? In your room ect like are you aloud or not 🙂

    • kdanceydowns

      Hi Georgia,

      Thanks for your question! The rules vary slightly depending on which halls you choose, but you can find all the information here. If you scroll down to ‘1.20 Guests’ on this page, you’ll see the regulations around guests for BU managed accommodation.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Fiona

    Hi – does Dorchester bedrooms have proper radiators ie. gas central heating or are they electric heaters

    • Sara

      Hi Fiona, I’ve checked with our Accommodation Team whom confirm that Dorchester House have walled electric radiators in the bedrooms and flat area, all are set on a timer. Hope this helps. Sara askBU 🙂


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