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Nicky WoodhouseNicky Woodhouse (BA Media Production, 1997-2000) tells us about how her degree at BU led her around the world, from Bournemouth to Afghanistan with David Cameron and back to the UK, where she now runs her own production company, Woodhouse T.V.

I  always wanted to work in telly. Growing up through the 80s and 90s I was fascinated by the inner workings of live shows like Going Live and TFI Friday. People looked like they were having such a good time at work and I wanted to take that path for myself – getting my place at Bournemouth to study a BA in Media Production gave me a great head start.  The university had such a good reputation that I was able to secure a job at breakfast show GMTV before I even left.

The Bournemouth ethos of hard work and a focus on practical skills was invaluable through the six years I worked in broadcast television. But life is full of twists and turns and nothing could have prepared me for the shock of walking into Conservative Central Office to start work. It was September 2007 and after moving briefly to Cornwall I had spent much of the last year learning to surf. I didn’t know the first thing about politics (who were this mysterious “Shadow Cabinet”) and I am ashamed to say had never voted in an election. I was totally disconnected from politics, politicians and how politics play a role in all of our lives. I was a fish out of water, to excuse a pun, and on this basis perhaps an excellent choice to help David Cameron make his video blog Webcameron.

My job as producer/ director involved me following David around recording his every moment on video that I would then edit into often daily YouTube videos that collectively had over 4 million views. If David went campaigning in the north I went with him. If the Dali Lama came to Westminster for tea I was invited too. When David went to Afghanistan I put on body armour and received security briefings on how to behave in a kidnap situation (I had peroxide blonde hair at the time so apparently I was doomed if I wanted to escape!). It was the most interesting, bizarre and exhausting three years of my life but I loved every minute of it.

I used the experience I gained to set up my own production company Woodhouse TV. Based in London we help business, brands and charities communicate through video online and on social networks in the same authentic and uncut style pioneered by Webcameron. We have a diverse set of clients from Cancer Research UK, to Microsoft and work with some of London’s most exciting creative agencies. I get to travel, meet interesting people and somehow manage to fit in some pretty good surf trips. During my time at uni in the late 90s video on the internet was only a mere concept and I think it would have blown my mind to know the average person now walks round with an HD video camera in their pocket! So thank you technology for advancing and giving me such an interesting career but thank you Bournemouth for helping me to get here in the first place.

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Originally published on Alumni News.


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