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nicola-youngWhen I get asked about the things I’ve learnt about through my postgraduate degree it’s mostly to do with the course I’m studying. My course is very simple to explain but being a Master’s student is a whole new learning curve in itself. So I have compiled a list of 10 things I have learnt over my first semester studying at Bournemouth University:

1. Postgraduate degrees are more intense than undergraduate
Postgraduate degrees are a whole different world in comparison to an undergraduate. There is a lot more work to do with only a year to do it in. Thankfully with my course in particular I have from now until August to work on my final project, but I know that it’ll be a challenging time.

2. Feedback is essential
A postgraduate course is a very intense time, so always give feedback to your tutors if they ask. I am also course rep so I understand what happens to the feedback given back to the tutors and what they consider from it. They want to make sure you’re happy with your course, so never be afraid to speak up.

3. Postgraduates get as many opportunities as undergraduates
Before I came to Bournemouth I wasn’t aware that the postgraduate students will get offered the same opportunities as the undergrads, however they do! Our lecturers are constantly emailing us with opportunities for us to get stuck into and gain more experience from.

4. Bournemouth is a great place to live
The beach. The hot summers. Need I say more?

5. Staff always offer their services
Any issue I come across on my course, I email my lecturers straight away and they respond promptly, solving the problem for me and making sure I’m back on the right track.

6. Postgraduate students are a tight community
My course has only two students, so naturally we’re both very close, however we’re two of a whole framework, which is equally as close! Everyone knows each other and what course they’re on. A positive atmosphere for making friends.

7. Time keeping is essential!
It’s important to make sure you maintain a balance between studies and time to yourself. You’ll feel better about taking a much deserved day off after you’ve been working hard.

8. Make the most of the facilities on campus
There’s so much happening on campus, so make the most it! From the many Starbucks and Dylan’s bar for social areas to the library and the special postgraduate zone for some serious study time.

9. Make sure you have time for yourself
This is similar to the time keeping point made earlier. With a postgraduate course being as intense as it is, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have days dedicated entirely to yourself, doing the things you want to do.

10. Enjoy every minute!
Enjoy yourself. Make friends. Try new things. Learn new skills. This could be the last chance you get to do anything like this, so make sure you live it all to the full.

By Nicola Young

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