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By Emma Craig

3rd year BU student, BA (Hons) Events and Leisure Marketing

During fresher’s week there are numerous fancy dress parties and throughout university (especially first year) having a fancy dress box is essential. Although some of the fun is going to Hollywood fancy dress shop and picking up the most ridiculous outfit, this can get expensive. Come to university prepared with a few outfits and then eventually you will accumulate outfits over the next couple of years.

I would advise raiding Primark of all their onesies and buying one of every animal, colour and shape. (You can’t go wrong with a onesie). Don’t forget the essential fancy dress such as a school tie, pirate eye patch and UV wear. Last but not least, bring a white sheet to uni, this versatile sheet will not only be the perfect toga, but also a ghost for Halloween and can come in handy for many other outfits too.

Summer ball

Oh and not forgetting that blue face paint as every loves a smurf fancy dress!

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