Scoring a placement during your Master’s degree

I am studying MSc Nutrition and Behaviour and it is mandatory to do a 12-day placement as a part of the degree program. The great aspect of our course is the flexibility provided to us to choose where and what we wanted to do with our placement. I scored a place in the Nutrition department… Read more »

Finding a placement and making the most of it

Hey there, my name is Alejandra and I’m a Master’s student from Colombia. As part of my course, MSc Nutrition and Behaviour, I had to undertake a work placement of 12 days. Although it sounds like a short time, I discovered that there is a lot to do and learn. This is the story of… Read more »

Madison gets creative on her marketing placement at The Business Software Centre

Hi! My name is Madison and I am a studying MA Media & Communication at BU. I am currently undertaking a placement as a Marketing Coordinator at The Business Software Centre (TBSC). I used various methods of trying to find a placement, which included the MyCareerHub,, LinkedIn posts, and sending emails to companies asking… Read more »

Two reasons why you should take a placement

Bruna Tolomeli is from Brazil and is studying MA Post Production Editing. In this vlog she gives two reasons why she took part on a short placement even though it was not a requirement for her course. Check it out to understand how placement can open doors for you! Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production… Read more »

My placement experience at Poole Hospital

I am Milla Räsänen from Sweden studying MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology. I’ve been on work placement at the stroke rehab ward in Poole hospital since October 2017. On my course, the university arranges placements for us. But of course, if there’s a specific place where you want to do your placement, you’re welcome to… Read more »

My placement at Obergine

If you don’t already know, the placement search is all but a leisurely walk in the park. There is no “how to guide” which ensures a position with all the best perks. Perhaps, you may find the process easier or have all the right connections, but for most students, especially international students requiring work visas like… Read more »

MSc Retail Management & Marketing – My placement story

Bournemouth University first piqued my interest for being the only one to offer a course focused on the retail industry. Since I was looking for a university that would champion professional growth as much as academic development, BU’s relationship with the industry and local businesses was a decisive factor. And once I learned about the… Read more »

My work placement in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Name: Mrs Sooksiri Church Course: MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management Where are you from? Thailand Placement: The Sailmaker pub and restaurant Where was your placement and what was your role? My role was originally front of house staff but I was promoted and am currently working in a supervisory position. What was your strategy for… Read more »

My IT work placement at BU

Name: Ryan Delmo Course: MSc IT Where are you from? Philippines Placement Company: Bournemouth University Where was your placement and what was your role? I worked in the IT Services Department as an IT Service Desk Analyst What was your strategy for finding a placement? How did you get the job? Four months before the deadline… Read more »