Secondment experience

picture1My secondment experience

I spent 60 days in Bournemouth University as part of my secondment for the VeggiEat project. The secondment allowed me to develop my skills by sharing new experiences with the team of Pr. Hartwell. I saw how people work in an academic organization such as Bournemouth University and it enabled me to expand my vision on new methods to effectively coordinate the various participants in the same research project. Being with English speaking colleagues was the perfect way to improve my English knowledge and enhanced my confidence in the English language.

I also had the chance to spend a very nice weekend with two members of the local project team I want to thank for their wonderful hospitality. Carmen Martins showed me around Bournemouth and its surroundings such as the picturesque Corfe Castle and I had the honour of being received in the home of Heather Hartwell.

This secondment was also an opportunity for me to immerse myself in the English culture because I experienced for the first time a new type of accommodation by renting a room in a family home, sharing the evening meal and the weekend with my host family.

(Jean-Yves Favard – Bonduelle – France)