Project Team

Bournemouth University

Professor Heather HartwellProfessor Heather Hartwell

Dr Heather Hartwell, Professor of Foodservice and Applied Nutrition Bournemouth University, is a registered nutritionist and a member of the Nutrition Society. Post Doc research has included evaluation of the opportunity for healthy eating in prisons for the National Audit Office, UK and evaluation of the ‘steamplicity’ food production system operating in Charing Cross Hospital, London for Medirest.

Her expertise is within the academic discipline of ‘eating out’ and she is editor of the highly acclaimed Perspectives in Public Health, a peer reviewed practice based journal, published by Sage.


KADr Katherine Appleton

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 1993 with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and from the University of Leeds in 1998 with a PhD in Biological Psychology / Nutrition. Since, I have worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds (1999), University of Surrey (2000-2002), University of Bristol (2002-2005) and as a lecturer at Queen’s Unviersity Belfast (2005-2012). I joined Bournemouth Unviersity in Sept. 2012, following a year long sabbatical at the University of Iowa, US. I am a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society, 2001) and a Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society, 2001).



IMG_20140707_143028Dr Ann Beaven

Ann is a senior lecturer in the children’s and young people’s nursing programme at Bournemouth University. She has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and has qualifications in adult nursing, midwifery and child health nursing. Her research interests include nutrition and physical activity in childhood, child overweight and obesity and eating disorders in young people. Research methods include Action Research and Hermeneutics.



AHDr Ann Hemingway

Dr Ann Hemingway is a public health academic and registered nurse. She is chair of the European Academy of Caring Science and a member of the Cochrane Collaboration Nursing Priorities Review Group. Ann`s research is focused on the reduction of inequities in health and she is regularly funded to undertake international and UK based research projects. She is also a regular author in international journals with a specific focus on public health and the reduction of inequities in health.



Carmen Martins

Carmen Martins holds a Master in Marketing and Advertising from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal  and she is now a researcher assistant and PhD student at Bournemouth University (Faculty of Management). Her research interests are tourism, hospitality, and innovation. For the purpose of VeggiEAT project Carmen’s role focus on Project Administrator and Communications.


picture1Dr. Vanessa Mello Rodrigues

Dr. Vanessa Mello Rodrigues is a Registered Nutritionist and holds both Ph.D. and Master degrees in Nutrition from Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. She is currently a Marie-Curie Post-doctoral research fellow at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom (UK) and a member of the Nutrition in Foodservice Research Centre, NUPPRE.

Vanessa’s research interests are mainly related to policy aspects of health promotion and nutrition, with particular attention to the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity through the promotion of healthy eating. She has been involved in projects related to different aspects of food and menu labeling, which were supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). She has also completed a Ph.D. internship for seven months at the British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for Non-communicable Disease Prevention, at the University of Oxford in the UK, supported by a Science Without Boarders scholarship.


Natalia Lavrushkina

Natalia Lavrushkina is a research assistant within the Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. She has a MSc in Tourism Management and Marketing (Distinction) from Bournemouth University and is an EdD student with the Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, researching Social Networks of a Research Community. She has previously been a Post Graduate Taught academic administrator and  joined the VeggiEAT project as a research assistant to manage it to completion.

Copenhagen University

1269867_10201485623535065_1946269018_oDr F.J. Armando Perez-Cueto

F.J. Armando Perez-Cueto is Associate Professor of Consumer and Sensory Science at Copenhagen Universiyt. Between February 2012 and October 2014 he was the Associate Professor of Public Health Nutrition at Aalborg Universitet’s Campus in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Food and Nutrition Sciences (FCNAUP) of Porto University yearly since 2011. During his career he was part of several EU Funded projects, namely, DAFNE (Data Food Networking), EATWELL, Q-PorkChains, ProSafeBeef. Currently, he is Work Package leader of the VeggiEAT Project (IAPP-Marie Curie/EU grant agreement # 612326), member of the Sino-Nordic Network Food4Growth (Nordic Council of Ministers), and principal investigator of the Danish-Brazilian Network ELIGEBIEN (Danish Ministry of Education and Innovation Funds).

Originally a Food Engineer from UNIVALLE, Bolivia, he received his postgraduate qualifications from Ghent University, namely a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, a MSc in Rural Development Economics, and a Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition. He has consolidated a multi-disciplinary research approach around different aspects of food and health, including postdoctoral work combining nutrition and consumer research. Presently, the focus of his research is on the role that choice architecture (nudging) could play in Public Health Nutrition.

He is author of 46 original articles, co-editor of 1 book, and member of the Editorial Boards of Nutricion Hospitalaria (Comité Editorial Iberoamericano), Revista Chilena de Nutrición and Perspectives in Public Health. He enjoys sharing conversations and interchange of ideas with young researchers and students.

img_0003Dr Quenia dos Santos

Quenia dos Santos graduated in Nutrition from Federal University of Vicosa (Brazil), Msc in Health Administration, focus area: Epidemiology and Health Surveillance and PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health (UERJ, Brazil). She is Postdoc at the Food Design and Consumer Behavior, at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has large experience with advanced statistics and research methods, and worked during her PhD with food scenarios to reduce inadequate nutrient intake in Brazil, with more than 34.000 people using linear programming and simulation techniques. She worked at Brazilian Ministry of Health as a Member of the Working Group of the National Laboratory of Innovation in Management of Obesity on Health Care with Focus on Control and Prevention of Obesity (2013). She also worked at World Health Organization for Europe, in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a consultant, mainly supporting in statistical analyses and writing papers in the “Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative “(COSI) Project (2016).

University of Firenze

erminioDr Erminio Monteleone

Erminio Monteleone is Associate Professor at Florence University (Italy) where he teaches Sensory Evaluation of Food and Consumer Testing. His research work is focused on sensory determinants of food acceptability and preference. He served as chairman of the first European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research (Florence 2004) and the 8th edition of the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium (Florence, 2009). Chairman of the European Sensory Science Society from 2011 to 2013. He is Associate Editor of Food Quality and Preference.



Camilla MasiCamilla Masi

Camilla Masi is a PhD student in Food Science and Technology at University of Florence. The aim of her PhD project is to study the relationship between the preference patterns for and bitterness perception in coffee.

She has worked at Sensory Lab of University of Florence since 2010 and she is in Sensory Project Manager register by Italian Sensory Science Society (SISS).

Her research has included evaluation of relationship between sensory and emotional profiles; description of sensory dynamic profile of foods; studying relationship between consumer responses and sensory properties of foods.



Isabella La Viola

Isabella La Viola is a Master student in Food Science and Technology at the University of Florence with a bachelor degree in Food Technology with final thesis in Sensory Science. Since 2013 she has been working at the Sensory Analysis Lab of the University of Florence and she is managing the data collection of the VeggiEAT European project.



dANNYDanny Cliceri

Danny Cliceri, phd student in Sustainable Management of Agricultural, Forestry and Food resources at the Sensory Science Unit of the University of Florence. He got a master’s degree in Food Science and Technology at the University of Florence with a master thesis in sensory and consumer science.

He did international experience with an internship at Center for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse, France.

Research activity includes the study of factors in addiction to liking able to contribute at the food product optimization and the study of contextual influence on consumer perception and behavior.


Laurence DepezayDr Laurence Depezay

Laurence DEPEZAY is in charge of a Corporate Research team within the Bonduelle Group. She is a biologist and a nutritionist, member of the French Nutrition Society (Société Française de Nutrition). She has a strong experience in Research and Development in international food companies. She has been active within the field of baby food and weaning food, specific diets (sports, enteral nutrition), biscuits, cereals bars and vegetables.

Her expertise is in activating relationships with industrial and academic partners in order to add value to food products and situation settings, through nutrition and consumer science based research projects.


David MorizetDr David Morizet

Dr David Morizet is in charge of the consumer science activity within the Bonduelle Group’s Corporate Research. He has a MSc in sensory & consumer science from AgroSup Dijon and a PhD in Neurosciences & cognition from the University of Lyon 1. David works on the mechanisms underlying human perception and the determinants of food behaviour.



picture1Jean-Yves Favard

Graduated as dietician, Jean-Yves FAVARD entered the Bonduelle Group in 1988 as a culinary advisor, first in France then internationally, by acquiring a strong knowledge in the culinary cultures of 35 countries, mostly in the Middle East, Asia, and America, North and South. In 2004, he joined the Corporate Research and developed expertise in ingredients and formulation.

Since 2010, Jean-Yves is in charge of Nutrition projects for all activities of the Bonduelle Group. He has actively participated in the creation of MARELLE software that helps schools to maintain nutritional balance for the meals served in school canteen. Jean-Yves is a member of AFDN (French Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists).

Institut Paul Bocuse

YAM20_Institut PBocuse-11Dr Agnès Giboreau

Agnès Giboreau is the head manager of the Research of the Institut Paul Bocuse. Agnès Giboreau has a PhD in Food science and a MSc in Cognitive psychology. She is habilitated for research supervision from the University of Lyon in Neurosciences and Cognition.Her research activity aims at better understanding the pleasure of eating and its relation to health from both perceptual and behavioural perspectives. Projects focus on meal experience in a multidisciplinary approach and rely on studies conducted in real situations. This is done through the unique facilities of the Experimental restaurant, a Living Lab (labelled Enoll) where professional experts work together with scientists, contributing to food design and production as well as table design and service. Results are published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and are communicated to the food service and hospitality sectors through training of the future professionals as well as specific cooperative programs. Agnes Giboreau conducts her works as an associated researcher of Lyon University (Pr. A. Didier’s group – Lyon Research Centre in Neurosciences) °and in close relationship with the Centre for European Nutrition & Health (Pdt Pr. M. Laville).

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LaureDr Laure Saulais

Laure Saulais has a MSc. in Food and Life Science Engineering and Environmental Economics from AgroParistech University, and a PhD in Economics from Grenoble University. She was a postdoctoral researcher in the Agricultural Economics Department at Laval University, Quebec City (Canada) before joining the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre in September 2009, where she is now a researcher. She is also an associate researcher at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Grenoble, France.

Her research, in the fields of Behavioral Economics and Public Health, focuses on the study of consumer food choice behaviors in away-from-home eating contexts. She also teaches MSc-level courses in Consumer Behavior and Public Health at the Institut Paul Bocuse, and occasionally teaches courses in other French universities and engineering schools.


Aalborg University

IMG_0046Laurits Rohden Skov

Laurits Rohden Skov holds a M.Sc. in public health nutrition from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, now a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Medicine at Aalborg University, Copenhagen campus. Previous academic output has been within: best practice in obesity governance in Europe and setting-based health promotion. Laurits’ current research is within behavioural nutrition employing ‘Nudging’ and choice architecture to promote vegetable consumption. He is also an active member of The European Nudge Network with special responsibilities in the health pillar.