Two new books published by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis on Smart Cities and Smart Tourism

Two new books published by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis 

Buhalis, D. Taheri, B., Rahimi, R. (2023) Smart Cities and Tourism:  Co-creating experiences, challenges and opportunities Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers

Taheri, B., Rahimi, R. & Buhalis, D. (2022) The Sharing Economy and the Tourism Industry. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers

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Smart Cities and Tourism Sharing Economy and the Tourism Industry

Smart Cities and Tourism

Co-creating experiences, challenges and opportunities

Dimitrios Buhalis, Babak Taheri, Roya Rahimi

ISBN: 9781915097088 HBK; 9781915097095 eBook
DOI: 10.23912/9781915097088-4973

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Smart cities are places where services and networks are made more efficient with use of different types of electronic methods and digital solutions for the advantage of its locals and businesses. The gathered information and big data are then used to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently to improve the operations across the city. Smartness is about networks of interconnected entities that collaborate to develop the collective competitiveness of the ecosystem. Smart Cities and Tourism: Co-creating experiences, challenges and opportunities provides new insights into the current issues, opportunities, and concepts for the next generation of urban evolution.

The smart cities of tomorrow engage locals, visitors, governments and businesses in an intelligent, collaborative and connected ecosystem. Smart tourism integrates the entire tourism ecosystem and supports the value cocreation for all stakeholders. To this end, this book, with its three parts and 12 chapters, provides a comprehensive understanding of city services, as well as evaluating the local and visitor experience, and investigating how ‘smartness’ creates liveable environments, business solutions and tourism innovations.

With international contributions from well-respected and international academics, it brings state-of-art knowledge on marketing management (and related areas such as urban studies) from a new modern perspective within the smart cities. Via academic research and international case studies, it discusses issues such as:

• Smart cities
• The evolution of the smart city
• Smart tourist destinations
• Smart trends in the tourism and hospitality industry
• Smart sports in smart cities
• Smart cities towards the quality of life of residents

It serves as a crucial reference point for smart city researchers, scholars, students and practitioners by offering new insights and stimulating potential future research.

The Sharing Economy and the Tourism Industry

Perspectives, Opportunities and Challenges

Roya Rahimi, Babak Taheri, Dimitrios Buhalis

ISBN: 9781915097064 HBK; 9781915097071 eBook; DOI10.23912/9781915097064-4970
DOI: 10.23912/9781915097064-4970

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The sharing economy is at the centre of number of current debates involving new technologies and innovative services, sustainability, big data and stakeholder engagement. These trends have serious implications for hoteliers, restaurant owners, airlines and car rental companies and service industries as they change the rules of the game across the services industries. This edited volume encourages new theoretical and empirical development on sharing economy studies in the service industries field.

This is one of the first academic volumes on this topic to focus on marketing and managerial implications specifically in tourism, services marketing and urban studies. Written by an international team of contributors and using real life case studies, it looks at issues such as:

  • An introduction to and conceptualization of the sharing economy;
  • National culture and the sharing economy;
  • Big data and digital marketing in the sharing economy;
  • The future of mobility according to Uber;
  • Rethinking tourism models in the era of the sharing economy;

It is a must-have volume for all those researching in the area of the sharing economy who wish to learn more and delve deeper into the implications it has had and will have on the tourism industry and wider tourism economy.

Dimitrios Buhalis is Professor at the Bournemouth University Business School, UK and Visiting Professor at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, SAR, China.

Babak Taheri is Professor of Marketing in Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK and Visiting Professor at several universities e.g., Aberdeen University (UK)and WSB University in Gdańsk (Poland).

Roya Rahimi is a Reader in Marketing and Leisure Management at the University of Wolverhampton, Business School, UK. She is the associate editor for Tourism Management Perspective Journal and UoA 17 REF coordinator at the University of Wolverhampton.

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