Bournemouth University supports the SEA CHANGE Conference

Dr Anya Chapman and Dr Duncan Light from Bournemouth University’s Department of Tourism and Hospitality have been extensively involved in the development and organisation of the SEA CHANGE Conference taking place 4-6 September 2019 at Blackpool.

Managing the challenge of protecting coastal heritage in the face of climate change –
Blackpool, 4th – 6th

SEA CHANGE is one of the events which forms part of Blackpool’s three piers World Monuments Fund ‘Watch Status’, which focuses on heritage assets at risk from climate change. Anya helped Blackpool Council bid for ‘Watch Status’ and has been involved in delivering previous events such as the ‘Big Pier Watch Day’ in June 2018, which was attended by over 6000 people. Bournemouth University is the exclusive academic partner for the SEA CHANGE conference and we look forward to welcoming practitioners and researchers from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines to contribute in tackling the threat of climate change to coastal heritage.


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