Alumnus Graham Chambers Chewton Glen’s HR Advisor is recruiting more BA graduates

Graham Chambers works in HR for the five-star Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa.  Having spent his year-long placement at Chewton Glen, the hotel team persuaded him to take up a full-time position while completing his degree part time at Bournemouth. Graham worked as Chewton Glen’s Front of House Manager before moving on to manage the group’s Cliveden House Spa.

He subsequently qualified in HR and returned to become Chewton Glen’s HR Advisor. He said: “Coming to events like this enables you to meet people whose shoes you were in not so long ago. I am passionate about who I work for, so I want to promote the opportunities it can offer to others. At the same time, I can also share my own career story and help people to think about wider roles in the service sector. Hotels such as Chewton Glen have a large team of professional support staff and can, therefore, offer a variety of career routes.”

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