Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality is very happy to partner with the Hotel Catering and Retail Show 14-15 March 2017

Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality is very happy to partner with the Hotel Catering and Retail Show 14-15 March 2017  Bournemouth International Centre Bournemouth BH2 5BH

Everything you need for your hospitality business

Hospitality Talks & Masterclasses
Tuesday 14th March

Tuesday 11.00am

Caroline Benjamin and Dominick Teague
Food Allergen Masterclass – getting it right.
Food Allergy Aware and Indigo Restaurant 1 Aldwych
An introductory session on ‘Ensuring providing for the Free-From customer is not an afterthought!’ to help senior staff in hospitality business better understand legislation and employ best practice, and how profitability and customer base can increase.

Tuesday 12.00pm

Dr Sean Beer
Food and Culture – Heritage and Tradition
Knowledge Partners Bournemouth University
Food and culture: Heritage and Tradition. The terms heritage and tradition are bandied about without any real thought, but what do they actually mean? Dr Sean Beer will explore the use of these words and how businesses can use them in a more authentic and creative way. He will do this by focusing on the Cream Tea; how we see it today, tomorrow and potentially how we will see it in 20 years time.

Tuesday 2.00pm

Dr Babis Charalampos Giousmpasoglou
Human Resources for Hospitality – Trends and Challenges in the UK hospitality industry. Recruitment & Selection Challenges
Knowledge Partners Bournemouth University
The hospitality and tourism sector is the fourth-largest employer in the UK, with 10% of the workforce employed in 180,000 businesses, including independent restaurants, major hotel chains and visitor attractions. The latest figures reveal that more than two-fifths (43%) of workers in this sector are foreign nationals – mainly from the former eastern and southern European countries. The management of such a diverse and multicultural workforce poses significant challenges and great opportunities for hospitality businesses. Two recent industry reports by People 1st (2013; 2015) highlight the skills, productivity and retention problems in the hospitality sector. On the top of that, Brexit poses significant threats for the hospitality sector and its multicultural workforce. There is no doubt that the latest political developments will affect the UK Hospitality industry and possibly slow down the steady growth experienced in the past two decades. It is up to the sector’s decision makers to identify and capitalise the new opportunities that will emerge in the local, regional, national and international markets.

Tuesday 2.00pm
Caroline Benjamin
Food Allergy Aware
An interactive workshop afternoon session for managers and team leaders within food service industry entitled: ‘Removing the FEAR of Free-From on your menu!’ This session will earn participants a certificate of attendance, which will add to their continued professional development.
Read more on the Workshops page ›
Wednesday 15th March

Wednesday 11.00am

Monica Or
Revealing the 7 Rs to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys
Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy
As the Founder of Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy and Amazon Best Selling author of two hospitality books – ‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Hospitality Business’ and ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ Monica specialises in working operationally with the owner / managers of independent hotels and restaurants focusing on their business structure and service delivery. In this talk as you step in to the shoes of your guests Monica will reveal her latest model of how to add value to your guest experience. A journey that all hospitality professionals should embark on. Those that attend this talk will also receive a thank you gift from Monica.

Wednesday 12.00pm
Richard Ward
Responsible Business Practice in Relation to Alcohol Sales
An interactive discussion on applying the LA 2003 within differing hospitality business’s and maintaining responsible alcohol sales.
Knowledge Partners Bournemouth University

Wednesday TBC
James Price
Access for all within Hotels
Access All Rooms
Wheelchair access required.
Wednesday 2.00pm

Dr Philip Alford
Digital Marketing for independent hospitality operators
Knowledge Partners Bournemouth University
This short session will present a framework within which small business owners can evaluate and improve the ways in which they digitally engage with their customers at different points in the consumer buying cycle.

Wednesday 3.00pm

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis
Smart Hospitality and Competitiveness
Knowledge Partners Bournemouth University
Smart systems take advantage of interconnectivity and interoperability of integrated technologies to reengineer processes and data in order to produce innovative services, products and procedures towards maximising value for all stakeholders. Smartness reengineers economies and industries, and shapes products, actions, processes and services in real-time. Agility engages different stakeholders simultaneously to optimise the collective performance and competitiveness and generate benefits for all involved in the value system. To achieve that, smart systems use innovative robust technology, the Internet of everything, cloud computing, big data, advanced data analytics, and a robust and ever expanding communications infrastructure.

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