Bournemouth University event at the World Travel Market WTM: eTourism: Disrupting innovations for Tourism and Hospitality

WTM eTourism: Disrupting innovations for Tourism and Hospitality

Monday 7th November 2016, 10:30 – 12:15   WTM Inspire Theatre – EU475

FREE event – need to have access to the World Travel Market on Monday

Disrupting innovations generate significant market structure changes, modifying the operating practices, industry structure and dominant logic. This structural change is affecting the organizational networks and the services tourism players are supposed to use to perform well in markets. Both opportunities and challenges emerge for the whole tourism and hospitality industry. Relationships between players change as their respective roles change; this is driven by e-commerce / e-business and disruptive innovation. For instance hotels, thanks to e-business technological platforms, can now use algorithms to set yield and revenue management strategies, monitor competition in real time and allow consumers to use mobile devices to access several services. In the tourism industry, many innovations have been initiated from companies in the information technology sector. Generally, Information technology is revolutionizing products, services and markets.



Kevin May 

Mario Hardy Pacific Asia Tourism Association, Thailand 

Nathaniel Green, DUETTO Research, USA

Richard Hatter Hotel Icon, Hong Kong 

Andy Owen-Jones, BD4Travel, Germany 

Matthew Gardiner, UnderTheDoormat, UK 

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