Harry Mills studying BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University

What are you studying currently and what do you enjoy most? 

“I’m currently studying BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management. In September I will be starting my placement year, doing Events and Fundraising for a Dorset based charity.”

harryWhy did you choose Bournemouth University?

“I chose BU because of the area, I loved that the beach was so close by and the fact that everyone at the University seemed really close. The course really appealed to me, over other Universities, and I liked the fact that the placement was in the 3rd year, instead of the 2nd year, like it is as so many other Universities. The practical element of the course also really appealed to me as I love to learn through hands on experience.”

How would you describe your course?

“I would say my course is incredibly challenging but at the same time rewarding. You can expect to be writing lots of assignments and essays and you can expect to be doing lots of group work. There is a huge amount of contact time, doing seminars and lectures and you will probably end up spending lots of your time reading and in the library, to support your studies. However, the end result really is worth it, you’ll learn so much more than you thought you would and if you put the time and effort in you’ll be rewarded with good marks.”

Are there any particular aspects of your course that you feel will help you succeed after graduating?

“Definitely! All the units on my course are geared to helping you succeed in industry. From the finance units to marketing and operations, they’re all units that you can apply in the real world. I’m particularly looking forward to the consultancy project and the Events and Conference Management in my final year.”

How would you describe your BU experience overall, so far?

“My experience at BU so far really has been life changing. I know it’s such a cliche thing to say but it really has. I’ve learned so much, not just on my course, but about myself and I’ve made some great friends. The social life here really is what you make of it, it’s all out there for the taking, you just have to go and seize it!”

What advice do you have for any students looking to study at Bournemouth University

“My advice to anyone looking to study at Bournemouth University would be to just come for an Open Day but also come and explore the town and the beach. As soon as you arrive you’ll know if BU is for you. It’s a great location and a great University and you definitely won’t regret coming once you’re here.”

Are you involved with any extra-curricular activities while studying, and what do you think you gain from them?

“Yes, I’m involved in a couple of extra-curricular activities. I’m currently on the BU Falcons, Bournemouth University’s multi award-winning cheerleading team. Before coming to University I never thought I would join a sports team or society. However, I would recommend it to anyone. BU has so many clubs, societies and sports teams that there is bound to be something you can get involved with. Being involved with something other than your course not only gives you that other group of friends but it ensures that your life doesn’t get too “University heavy”. And believe me, the socials are amazing! If you didn’t want to get involved with clubs, societies or a sports team the Student’s Union here offers some amazing other opportunities from RAG (Raising and Giving) to the Green Task Force. With so much going on, there’s no excuse not to get involved. I did LegIt last year, with two of my Cheerleading friends, we ended up in DisneyLand, Paris and it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had!” harry2

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