Graduate Christy Hehir works at VisitBritain as a Research and Evaluation Specialist #BUProud

I graduated with an MSc Tourism Management and Planning in 2009 and i am now working at VisitBritain as a Research and Evaluation Specialist. My MSc sparked my passion for research. Now at VisitBritain I lead on all stages of the research process – to champion, develop and deliver a return on investment process for VisitBritain’s commercial partnerships, online marketing and travel trade work globally across 23 offices in 21 core and emerging markets. 


Many aspects of my course helped me succeed after graduating, My award winning MSc dissertation titled, ‘The future of Antarctica. Is tourism an ally or an enemy?’ propelled my polar research. After graduating, I was invited by Dr. Peter Prokosch, Managing Director UNEP/GRID-Arendal to participate in a 7-day training and research expedition in Svalbard, subsequently leading to my first book ‘Arctic to Action’, published in 2012. My advice to recent graduates looking for work is to attend as many industry events/conferences which are of interest as possible. Not only will you keep your industry trends knowledge up to date, you will also have the opportunity to network and meet key players within that sector. Bournemouth University gives you so many opportunities to do that! Just grab them !

Top tip: request the delegate list ahead of the event and plan your networking before you arrive!

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