Help the students competing in this year’s EMCUP

Four final year Hospitality Management students have been chosen to represent Bournemouth University at this year’s EMCup.

The European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) is an initiative of HotelloTOP and co-creator Mise en Place. The EMCup is a competition amongst International hotel management schools and was founded in 2009.  

In 2012 the competition already managed to bring together twenty European hotel management schools within the competition. The Bournemouth University team were commended by judges last year and this year’s team hope to do even better.

Bayan Taishybayeva, Umneya Al-kindi, Alexandra Schwartz and Rosemary Turner will be representing Bournemouth University this year at the competition.

This year the theme is “success is a moving target” and is based on the Cruise Industry. The students have to create a rumour around their brand, as well as writing a paper to present at the competition.

With that in mind, you can help the students by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter

For more information on the competition please see

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