PhD Experiment Help Needed:

Are you new to the area? One of our PhD students is running an experiment on people who are new to an area and is looking for people to take part. See below for the invitation:

I would like to invite you to participate in a mobile experiment we are running. We are trying to find out how the latest smartphone technologies can help travelers explore a new place in a more easy and natural way.

During the study I will ask you to take a short walk with me in the city centre (similar to a guided tour), visiting some key attractions and sights. I will ask you to look at the screen of a smartphone. Afterwards, we will sit down for coffee/tea and we will discuss your experience. 

This will take approx. one and a half hours and you will be given £10 as a recompense for your efforts.

You do NOT need to prepare anything in advance, have experience with smartphones or know how they work. The study is anonymous and the data will be confidential (I will not report your name or personal information in my final thesis).

I am completely flexible with the dates and time and we can run this whenever it is comfortable for you between 11th September – 27th September

If you would like to take part just send me a short message on 


facebook: Zornitza Yovcheva 

mobile: +44 (0) 7411 716045

skype: z.yovcheva

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