Returning to academic life after a break

  No matter how long it has been – a few years or twenty – returning to university and academic life after a break can be both exciting and scary! My name is Jaime Gorman. I came to BU from Colorado, USA to change my career focus. It has been about 20 years since I… Read more »

Being a Mature Student

I am Jaime Gorman. I am 40 and came to BU from Colorado to study MLit (Hons) English. On day one, as excited as I was, sitting in a cluster of a couple of hundred 18-year-olds was initially very awkward. Not only was I literally old enough to be their mother, I felt culturally and… Read more »

It’s never too late

New blogger Lina Abdul Halim talks about international study, being at a cross-roads in life and how it’s never too late to start learning… It was September 2013. I found myself sitting in my room, wondering what I was going to do with my life. I have been a film and documentary editor for the… Read more »