A first time guide to applying to university

Whether you’re applying for university straight from 6th form, college, or are a mature student, the experience can be daunting, especially if you’re applying without assistance from your college. Now you’ve decided to go to university and what you’d like to study, the application process begins. There are two deadlines, dep ending on where and… Read more » about A first time guide to applying to university

A first class summer

Summer 2018 has undoubtedly gone down on record for the UK, and isn’t one that will be forgotten any time soon. The chart-busting heatwave gave Portugal a run for its money, all while the nation came together to cheer on our men and their unlikely, semi-final World Cup journey. Even when football didn’t come home,… Read more » about A first class summer

One for the road

By Alice Fiancet 1st year BU student, BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism As a Multimedia Journalism student, I was required to attend an interview at Bournemouth University. This may sound daunting but in actual fact it was refreshingly relaxed, it simply gives you another opportunity to visit the campus, speak to students and meet lecturers. The… Read more » about One for the road