Pulling off the transition into university life

The step up from school to university is probably one of the biggest (and most exciting!) ones you will take in your educational career. One minute you’re in the midst of being chased for coursework, making appointments for parents evening and asking to go to the toilet in class, and the next… you’re having to… Read more » about Pulling off the transition into university life

international student

How to get yourself out there

I can be an introvert at times. My advice for anyone who feels similarly; push yourself and say yes. Watch my vlog to find out how I got myself out of my room, meeting new people, making the best of my time as a student at BU.

What I’ve learnt: Living away from home

Hi Everyone, A little vlog about what I’ve learnt having lived away from home. Some practical things and also some soppy things – you know me, I like a good old mixture. Hope this resonates with some of you and you can take comfort in some of what I say!